Friday, April 1, 2011

My Newest Favorite Blog & Some Yummy Peeps Treats!

Hi all! Today I'd like to introduce you to a sweet little blog I stumbled upon while on the lookout for Easter crafts.  If you are a Peeps fan, or even if you just like to look at those cute little guys, you gotta check 'em out!

Take a peek at these fabulous Peep treats:

How cute are they?


If you like these, then check out these other cuties I saw out in Bloggyville:

Mix Mingle Glow shows us how to make a festive little Peep centerpiece.

Brook got her Peeps all dressed up. See them here

Peep-tini anyone?

Serious Eats made some yummy Peeps sushi! {The kids would love this}

Big Sis Little Sis will soon have yummy melted smores Peeps.

What do you like to do with your Peeps?


  1. Love those!! I especially love the choco tux Peeps!

    This past week I used them on a wreath.

    Mmm.. I think it's time for a Peep break. Thanks for all the inspiring links :o)

  2. Thanks so much, so glad you like all the Peeps Week treats! :)

  3. Ah, I actually really dislike Peeps but all those beautiful photos makes me want to give buy a bunch and make pretty things with them! Haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Actually my hubby comes from a big family and his dad, him, two other brothers, and another sisters are all skilled in the wood shop. Comes with the territory when you grow up working at your dad's shop I guess. is the shop, my FIL does INCREDIBLE work! Just wait until I keep posting home decor, as almost all of our furniture was made by my hub or my FIL.
    As for me, I just learned how to use the saw this week and have already cut some stuff *by myself*!! Silly how proud I am of that, lol

  4. Thanks for sharing! These are fun ideas. I love the centerpiece and the peeptini!

  5. I just like to EAT my peeps! The dressed up peeps are the cutest ever!

  6. These are so fun!! I can't wait to click over and read more. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Okay...those are ADORABLE!!! I love the one with the flowers in the vase best I think! Very cute!

  8. YUMMY! I like to EAT peeps! But chocolate covered peeps sound oh so good!
    visiting from the circle of bliss

  9. Wow these are adorable, I can't believe I never thought of making Smores with my Peeps!!


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