Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Telephone Table Redo...

Ever seen one of these?

Can you say fabric and spray paint?

Let's get to work.

And now for the fabric.

This looks gray in the picture. It's really a robin's egg blue.

The old fabric had almost no padding under it.  I like a cushy seat, so I was going to buy some batting.  But since I am too cheap, I used an old quilted pillow sham that we didn't need anymore, and doubled it over so it was twice as thick. Then I got out my trusty staple gun.


So simple.

I distressed the edges a little with some sand paper I found in the garage. Amazing I found my way out. Have you seen my garage?




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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keeping the dentist in business...

This one's for the kiddos.  They wore me down.  Ok, it wasn't too hard.  I actually saw someone else out in bloggyville who had one of these, and thought it so neat.  I went to my favorite thrift store which will remain unnamed.  I only went in to return something. Yes, they take returns there.  (If you see something you think you might want, you've gotta snatch it up or it will be gone!) Sometimes I come to my senses later and change my mind about a purchase.  Anywho, the kids saw this and went nuts.

I forgot to take a pic before starting to take it apart!
Now, as I mentioned before, I am sick, sick, sick of red in my house!  So...

If you don't like this color, you better find another blog to read, because I am hooked!

I prepared myself for a ton of ,"Mom, can I have a gumball?" by making sure to adjust the settings when I had it disassembled so that only one gumball would come out at a time, and the chewer would have to have a coin to make that happen.  Then, after putting it all back together and filling it up with gumballs, my son promptly turned it counterclockwise (with no coin) and got this...

Needless to say, something went horribly wrong during reassembly, and will need to be corrected ASAP.  My husband thinks I've lost my mind.  He didn't harp on it too long, though.  He was too busy chomping on his gum.

Above my kitchen cabinets...

I am soooo tired of looking at the same boring stuff sitting above my kitchen cabinets collecting dust.  So lately I have been on the lookout for stuff that I might want to repurpose and put up there.  I have always loved roosters and anything French country.  Although I am tired of my red decor, I still like my little rooster items here and there.  Also, I am in love with anything monogrammed.  So here's what I came up with so far.  (This is just a little corner I have started on. I still have a ways to go.)


I forgot to take a before pic, but this one looks exactly like it!

And after a little glossy back paint for the tray and Rustoleum's Heirloom White for the rooster:

I actually hate fake ivy up there, but that has been up there for a while, and it's all I have for now until I find something new.  Forgive me if you have fake ivy strung all over your kitchen cabinets.  Just a pet peeve. In fact, I'm taking it down now.

Total cost $3.75

Before and After: Retro Phone

I picked up this little cutie while thrifting last week.  I saw it on the way out the door.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I knew I had to have it. 

While having a tea party with my daughter (her favorite thing to do), it hit me.

My son is soooo mad at me...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Glass Apothecary Jars

Have you seen these gorgeous glass apothecary jars?  They seem to be popping up everywhere lately!

Here is Pottery Barn's version. They, of course, run between $19 for the small one, up to $44 for the larger size.  Thrifty girl that I am,  I have been on the hunt for some in my Goodwill travels, and the other day I found one! 

Let's just say it needed a little "sprucing up." Forgive me if you live near me and happened to drop off your little handpainted Christmas jar at the Goodwill.  I'm sure it was real cute in it's day! 

Did you know you can clean glass with steel wool, and it won't scratch?  (My husband swears he already knew this, but I have my doubts.)  Anyway, I got my little Brillo pad out and went to town.  Scrubbing and scrubbing I went.  Not only did the paint come right off, but it came out sparkling clean, good as new!  Now what was I going to do with this jar?  I know you are just dying to know.

Enter an old favorite that I hadn't used in a while...

I had forgotten how fun this stuff was to use!  I got out some painter's tape and sprayed a few coats...

And now have a cute little jar to hold treats all our little doggie treats!  And I only paid $4 for the same size jar Pottery Barn sells for $44.  And if I ever get tired of it, I could always remove the chalkboard paint and etch a monogram on it with the Cricut.  Now if I can only find two or three more of these in different sizes...

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Pottery Barn-ish Goodwill Boy's Lamp Redo

I have spent the last week or so rearranging my kids' rooms. Believe me, this is no easy task with them hangin' around! They just don't seem to want to get rid of anything! Once I moved things around (and managed to sneak a few things out the door), I decided I wanted to redo a few things. Nothing thrills me more than taking a can of spray paint and making something ugly look good! I picked up this lamp on one of my Goodwill trips. It's really not bad at all to begin with, but I wanted a lamp for my son's room, so after flipping through the latest Pottery Barn Kids' Catalog, I really wanted to paint it a similar blue to their painted blue furniture. 

The lamp was actually broken at the top, so I bought a light kit like this one at Walmart for like 2 bucks.
And a can of spray paint...

And went to work! Like how I very carefully put enough newspaper under it so I didn't get paint on the driveway? You know you're jealous of my blue driveway. (My husband hasn't noticed it yet!)

This is some 5/8 inch navy grosgrain ribbon which I thought would look good on the shade.

A little hot glue for the ribbon...

I love the way it turned out. I'm still thinking about doing something else to the shade, something Star Wars-ish to go with his room. Now for painting that desk and chair to match!

Total cost of this project: $9.00 Not too bad :)