Monday, April 26, 2010

A few good deals out there...

I know I haven't posted any good coupon stuff in a while, but it's because I really haven't seen anything that great lately.  There are a few things out there this week that may interest some folks.  Here goes:

1. Baskin Robbins 31-cent scoop night Wed, April 28.  This runs from 5pm to 8pm.  Each person can get up to 3 scoops. This is a fundraiser to honor firefighters.

2. Free Hallmark cards at Walgreens.  This is actually what we couponers refer to as a "moneymaker." See the following link:

3. If you do Staples Rewards, go to their website and you will see that you can get free batteries and reams of paper for $1. This is a great deal, but thanks to Target and Officemax, I'm stocked up on batteries and paper for quite some time.

4. Another free Redbox rental is available if you are interested.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! I am working night shift tonight, so let the fun begin!

Thanks to Jenny as always for keeping us up on the deals.

A Get Well Card...

My Dad had knee surgery a couple of days ago, so I thought I'd make this little card to cheer him up.  For this card, I used the Simply Sweet cartridge to make the bottle and pills.  If you look in the book that comes with your cartridge, they explain how to use the creative features to make your layers.

Paper: Nana's Kids & Reflections Essentials
Ribbon: Ribbon Offray in Swissdot Black 5
Stamp: Studio G clear stamps
Punch: Fiskars Threading Water

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A horse is a horse...

I made this card for my sweet little niece who has a birthday coming up. I was looking for a horse file, and stumbled across this one at  They have several of the Little People animals. If you use Sure Cuts A Lot, it is a piece of cake to use all these neat SVG files out there.  This one was free.  I did purchase the file to make the grass. This came from This website is awesome.  This file was an Easter file that came with over 50 different characters for only $5.99.  If you are an SCAL user, you can find great stuff at this site! If you are looking for speech or thought bubbles for your scrapbooking, this one came from and it too was free!

Cardstock: Recollections and K&Company
Stamp: Studio G

A Circus Card...

I wanted to thank my sweet friends and neighbors, Suzanne and her mother Jill for getting us free tickets to the circus. (It's great to have good connections, huh?)  They do so much for our family, and the kids had a blast at the circus. I searched all over for a circus SVG file, and finally found this one with a cute little elephant.  The elephants are my favorite part of the circus!  The link to this file is and best of all, it's free!  The cardstock is from "The Grade School" stack which can be purchased at Michael's. Sorry this is not a great pic, probably shouldn't have photographed in front of the window.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Adorable castle made with the Cricut!!!

I had to post this pic of a beautiful castle made with the Cricut! This was created using the Once Upon a Princess cartridge.  This makes me really want to buy this cartridge!  Think of all the cute things you could make for a little girl's party! The link to this crafter's blog is

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Redbox Movie at Kroger!!!

If anyone is interested, you can get a free redbox movie at Kroger right now. I'm not sure how long this lasts, so get it while it's hot! Enter the following code into the machine: DVDKROG.  You can use one code per credit card, apparently. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom and Jenny for this deal.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some deals I found at Food Lion this week...

Ok, for those of you who know me well, you know I am a coupon freak and love a good deal! After all, who doesn't want to save a little money on groceries each week and be able to spend it on other more fun things, like craft supplies!  I highly recommend getting a Sunday paper every week and saving the coupon inserts.  You don't have to clip all the coupons; in fact you shouldn't.  Just save the inserts and file them by date. If you really want to go nuts, get more than one paper.  I will post some great deals when I find them, but if you really want to get into the coupon thing, check out Jenny over at  She posts all the great deals each week at a variety of stores.  This week there haven't been many super-impressive deals out there, but I did find a few things at Food Lion that were too good to pass up!  If any of you are outside the Richmond, VA area, these ads are usually good in the southeast region.  I do not plan to go crazy with the coupon aspect of my blog, so I will only be posting the amazing, too-good-to-pass-up deals here! Ok, here goes...

This week at Food Lion (4/7 through 4/13):

1. Special K sale:  Save $5.00 When you buy any 4 participating Special K products in a single transaction.
Limit One Reward Per Transaction. (Ok, so stand in line a couple of times, this is a no-brainer!)

Products that are a good deal with this:
Special K Crackers 8 oz $2.50
Special K Cereal Bars 4.6 - 4.86 oz $2.50
Special K Cereals 12 - 14 oz $2.50

Coupons out there: (RP means "redplum" in your Sunday paper & the #s are the date of the newspaper)

-$1 off Kellogg’s Special K Granola, Raisin Bran  RP 3/28 or
-$2/2 Kellogg’s Special K Granola, Raisin Bran  RP 3/28

So, in other words, buy 4 Special K products for $5 or even less with coupons!
2. Kellogg’s Cereals $1.50 ea (some coupons inside recent boxes)

3. McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning 2.75 - 3.12 oz $1.25 (Buy 2 Get $1.50, Buy 3 Get $2.50 off your next purchase

Coupons out there: -.75/1 McCormick Spice, RP 3/14 (exp 4/11)
(buy 3 for 50 cents after coupon back or better if you have more than one coupon!!)

My plan:

4 boxes Special K
4 boxes Kelloggs
3 spices

Total spent: $8.50 !!!

A Yummy Cake Recipe...

A friend emailed me for this cake recipe, and I thought rather than just sending it back, I'd post it to share. I took a cake decorating class a few years back, and the instructor recommended altering a box mix. This recipe makes a nice dense cake that is easy to decorate, doesn't crumble, yet is very moist. I have used it countless times over the years, and it always turns out great! For the icing, I recommend using the Wilton buttercream icing recipe at This is a pic of the cake I made for my daughter on her 5th birthday. The recipe is as follows:

1 box Pillsbury cake mix (says "pudding in the mix" on the front) whatever flavor you like
1 small (3.5 oz) instant pudding mix (to compliment your cake flavor)
4 eggs at room temperature (you can just put them in warm water for 10 minutes)
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup water
2 tsp extract/flavoring/liqueur (any kind you want, just needs to total 2tsp, for yellow cake I use 1 tsp real vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp almond extract, 1/2 tsp butter flavoring)

Fill pans 2/3 full and bake @ 325-350 degrees for 35-45 minutes (This is for two 8-inch round cakes, other sizes may take longer)

Easter Treat Boxes...

These are so simple, and take two seconds to make. I'm not sure if you can tell, but there is a little bunny perched on top. (The ribbon kind of gets in the way.) I used a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock, fitted the image to the page, and the press "Cut". All you have to do is fold all four sides onto each other, and you're done! You can put most any little goodies in these, just not really small stuff because there are gaps at the corners. I put two regular sized candy bars in this to give to a friend. The tag is made using the Simply Sweet cartridge.

Door Hangers...

These were made using the box font again. (I love my box font, can you tell?) These have a pocket, although I'm not sure you can see it from this pic. These would make great party favors for kids' parties; just fill 'em up with goodies and you're set to go! I just used some little stickers to decorate one for each of my children. The link for the box font is It is a little confusing to use at first. They give you a cheat sheet to be able to tell which box is which. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I plan to try and do a video soon, so maybe I'll incorporate this program. There is so much you can do with it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Night at the Movies...

If you're anything like me, you think the concession prices at the theater are ridiculous! Personally, I have my trusty "movie theater bag" that I bring along, filled with snacks and drinks (terrible, huh?). However, I do buy popcorn, the large size and split it up amongst whatever children have tagged along that day. So, the last time we went, my kids and I had fun making some cute little popcorn pails to take along. I wish I had photographed all of them, but I didn't. For this project, I used my box font again (listed in previous post) and searched for a popcorn SVG file to make the little pieces of popcorn. I switched out my blade with a black Cricut marker to outline the kernels. Lastly, there were little slits to put a ribbon through to make a handle.

My First Post!!!

I thought for my first-ever post, I'd show you one of the first cute things I've made with my Cricut so far. For this little box, I used a program called "Sure Cuts A Lot." My Cricut Expression came with four cartridges, but after researching a lot, I discovered that by purchasing this software, I could really make a variety of things without buying numerous cartridges and spending a lot of money. You can find the software online and download it right away if you choose, or they have a trial package. However, the trial one cuts a line through all your projects, therefore ruining them! (I didn't know this when I downloaded it!) So, of course, I was all set to make something and decided to go ahead and download the real thing instead. I am so glad I did! So, to make the box, I found a box font online. The link is She asks for a $10 donation, which is a bargain when you see all the cute little boxes, bags, and tags you can make with it! I used the Simply Sweet cartridge to make the tag. This was a get-well gift for a friend. I filled it with some homemade chocolate chip cookies made with ingredients I had on hand, and was able to make it without even going to the store!